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Publications (peer reviewed)

1. The following article on “Establishing a New Paradigm: The call to reform the tenure and promotion standards for digital media faculty” was published in the third edition of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. The focus of this peer reviewed article was to illustrate the challenges facing digital media faculty as they march towards tenure and promotion, and present a case for reform of the current system. A digital copy of just my article on tenure and promotion reform can be found here in pdf format.

2. This is recent article that I authored on “Motivating at Risk African Americans and Hispanics Through the Study of New Media Technology“. The peer-reviewed article was published in the second edition of the Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS) Online Journal. The digital copy of the journal can be found here in pdf format. A digital copy of just my article on student motivation can be found here.



1. On December 2nd of 2011, I hosted a panel discussion at John Jay College’s 10th Annual City University of New York (CUNY) IT Conference.  The presentation was on “Creating a CUNY-wide approach towards Digital Media Programs“.

2. On November 14th of 2011, I presented some of my recently published findings on motivating Black and Hispanic students to a cohort of new faculty at LaGuardia Community College. While the research for my presentation was originally focused on developing strategies for motivating Black and Hispanic students, the findings can be applied to students of all races and backgrounds.

3. On June 9th of 2011, I presented at the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Annual State of Higher Education Conference in Washington, DC to discuss some of my research on “Redefining Tenure and Promotion Standards for Multimedia and Digital Arts Faculty”. The presentation is based on a recent article that I submitted for publication.

4. This is the audio podcast of a group presentation that gave at the 4th Annual CUNY Gen-Ed Conference held at Baruch College on May 2nd of 2008. As part of the year long seminar with colleagues from LaGuardia and Baruch, we decided to share our research and discussions by presenting at the Gen-Ed Conference. The topic of the presentation was:

  • Reading, Writing and Speaking across Campuses: Interchanges and Conversations between two year and four year college faculty.
    The audio for the presentation can be found here in mp3 format.
    The conference program can be found here in pdf format.

5. These are the presentations slides and a transcript from my breakout sessions at the Making Connections Conference on ePortfolios (4/10/2008).

  • The Future of ePortfolio Roundtable
    This is the transcript of a well-attended roundtable session that joined LaGuardia faculty with internationally recognized ePortfolio leaders to discuss the issues facing the ePortfolio movement. The full video of the event can be found here.
    Transcript highlights
  • Selecting your ePortfolio System
    Susan Lambert and James Richardson
    Review the available ePortfolio software, and discuss the strategies institutions can pursue for matching needs and software.

    Presentation Slides

6. This is from a presentation that I gave at the LaGuardia Community College Hip Hop Conference and Concert on Friday, May 18, 2007. The title of the presentation was “Creating and Promoting Hip Hop in the Digital Age”.

7. The following slides are from a presentation that I gave at the 2nd Annual New Media Technology Conference held at LaGuardia Community College on Wednesday, May 16th, 2007. The topic of the presentation was “Free Software: The Joy of Open Source Software”.


Recommendations and Testimonials

  • Recommendation from Dr. Stephen Brier,
    CUNY Graduate Center
    Senior Academic Technology Officer
    Coordinator of the Interactive Technology & Pedagogy Certificate Program
    Co-director of the CUNY New Media Lab