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Obama out!

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Thank you Mr. President!



What the hell happened?

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It is funny that despite how things change they still stay the same. Eight years ago I sat at home on Inauguration day and thought to myself “holy $#!÷, this is really going to happen”. Now eight years later I am sitting here thinking the exact same thing but for entirely different reasons.





Happy Birthday Ma!

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Spent the evening with Ma Dukes to celebrate her birthday. Nearly the whole family unit was in attendance. Unn and Tita even called from Norway to wish her a happy birthday.

We had the traditional White Castle birthday menu that she insists we have every year. I was also shocked to find that Jonas had never tasted White Castle before today. Strangely enough I am not sure if I should count that as a parenting “win” or a parenting “fail”. I guess I will find out tomorrow when I see how his stomach reacts.



Superhero Halloween Mashup!

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. If I am being honest I would rate it a close second only to Christmas in terms pure fun and excitement. It has been this way for me as long as I can remember. Halloween was a time for me to totally release my inner nerd/geek without fear of being looked at as strange. Every year I went dressed as one of my favorite comic book characters. I was having a hard time Read the rest of this entry »


The MTA can be a pain

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The morning commute from hell. I got trapped on the 4 train for near 50 minutes. There was a sick passenger on the train ahead so of course some moron needed to pull the emergency brake to be “helpful “. Now keep in mind this is with a screaming baby and another moron who felt inspired to loudly rap off beat about all his women and how he runs the drug game.

Luckily the transit workers were finally able to pull the front of the train into the station and walk us off at 42nd street. Another ten minutes trapped with the off beat rapper and I might have made Negan seem like Gandhi.



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Look what finally came today! Time to make America great again! #avengersassemble


Testing the VR waters – Ricoh Theta S

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The Williamsbridge Oval Park & Recreation Center in the Norwood section of the Bronx – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

I decided to finally test out my 360 degree Ricoh Theta S camera in the park near my house. I have been looking for a camera to create VR content. I am still not sure if I should ditch the Ricoh and get the Samsung Gear 360. The Ricoh is one of the easiest VR cameras to use because of the simplicity of the design. However the video quality on the Ricoh, while pretty good when running locally on my computer or mobile phone/tablet, gets totally crushed when uploaded to Facebook or YouTube.

I hear that the Gear 360, while not as user friendly, is handled much better on social media sites like YouTube. The only reasons I didn’t snag the Gear 360 it hasn’t been officially released in the US as of yet and I wanted get started shooting during my summer break. Plus my older Galaxy S5 is not supported by the software app needed to run the camera. Call me cheap but I didn’t want to also have to upgrade my phone to the newest Samsung (approximately 600 -700 bucks) in order to get the full functionality. So now I am hoping that a firmware update to the Ricoh, or future change on Facebook and YouTube will improve the upload quality.


NY Cine Radio Episode 205: Civil War

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This week I argue with the guys about why Captain America: Civil War was infinitely better than Batman vs Superman. We also discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode and breakdown Read the rest of this entry »


Luke Cage: King of the town

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As a lifelong comic book fan, and a kid born and raised in Harlem, I absolutely loved this trailer for Luke Cage series. The music from Nas almost made me scream. It was perfect! The series drops on Netflix in September. Fans got a brief taste of Cage in Read the rest of this entry »


Daredevil Hermit Mode Activate!

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Season 2 of Daredevil went live on Netflix today. My phone is turned off. No one had better call or text me because I am in straight up hermit mode for the next 13 or so hours.