Stately Wayne Manor!


The last few months have been an extremely stressful but yet amazing period. I seriously injured my leg training for a martial arts related documentary I am filming, had reconstructive surgery on my knee, watched in nervous anticipation as my daughter waited to receive college acceptance letters, and celebrated both my daughter’s 18th birthday and 23 years with my wife. However the most joyous and nerve racking experience of this time was closing on a new apartment.

Much to the annoyance of family and friends I have been referring to our new home as stately Wayne Manor!

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My rotator cuff injury got worked on today by my acupuncturist. I have been having shoulder pains for a few months now and it was getting to the point where I had to do something. I figured I would look into alternative therapies like acupuncture. And yes, it really does work. Well, at least it works if your practitioner knows what they are doing. Luckily mine does. I am feeling pretty good! My shoulder feels much better after only a couple of sessions. My practitioner is named Lisa Sumption and I would definitely recommend her. It was relatively painless. And keep in mind that I am a person that absolutely hates needles.


NY Cine Video: MMA and other Martial Arts

This is the most recent New York Cine Video podcast. The conversation began with us talking about the classic martial arts comedy “The Foot Fist Way” featuring Danny McBride of “East Bound and Down fame”. Then the gang and I got sidetracked discussing the current state of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).


First Workout of 2015

I completed a fairly intense workout to start the year off. I did 7.5 miles on the elliptical and followed it up with 30 minutes of bag work, rope jumping, and stretching/yoga. My only resolutions for the New Year are to just keep moving and to remove as much negativity from my life as possible.


New York Cine Radio: East Bound and Down and UFC talk


I was fortunate enough to start the year off right with the team over at New York Cine Radio. The gang and I sat down and talked about Danny McBride’s East Bound and Down which Tom binged watched over the weekend. Ken and I sparred a bit over our impressions of James Franco’s and Seth Rogen’s controversial movie, “The Interview”. And finally our conversation took a weird turn as we veered into talking about Joe Rogan and Continue reading “New York Cine Radio: East Bound and Down and UFC talk”


Happy Birthday Master Instructor!


Happy Birthday to my friend and instructor, Rhon Mizarchi! Without your particular brand of “therapy” my life would be a great deal darker. I know that I am not alone in saying “thank you for all that you do for us”. I hope you enjoyed your day!


No more excuses


The other day I was talking to my old martial arts instructor, Kyoshi Giles, and musing over the fact that only fellow martial artists seem to understand how getting together with close friends to punch, kick, and stab one another over and over can be a beautiful thing. The camaraderie that can be developed by working out with other like minded individuals is not only fun, but also uplifting. I bring all this up because I had just returned from an early morning knife fighting class at the Krav Maga Federation and was feeling pretty good about getting back into the swing of training on a regular basis.

Over the past year or so I had made a number Continue reading “No more excuses”


Arkham Origins is gonna be sick!!!


After months of waiting Batman: Arkham Origins dropped tonight. The new Arkham is the followup to the wildly popular Batman inspired video games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I just picked up my copy from GameStop. There was a surprisingly small line for the game. It was nothing as crazy as the launch for Grand Theft Auto V, which made me happy and a little sad. I snagged the collector’s edition, and the season pass that has all of the character skins and downloadable content. I never usually get all the extras but this game is gonna be sick.  I thought about

Continue reading “Arkham Origins is gonna be sick!!!”