Superhero Halloween Mashup!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. If I am being honest I would rate it a close second only to Christmas in terms pure fun and excitement. It has been this way for me as long as I can remember. Halloween was a time for me to totally release my inner nerd/geek without fear of being looked at as strange. Every year I went dressed as one of my favorite comic book characters. I was having a hard time Continue reading “Superhero Halloween Mashup!”


Stately Wayne Manor!


The last few months have been an extremely stressful but yet amazing period. I seriously injured my leg training for a martial arts related documentary I am filming, had reconstructive surgery on my knee, watched in nervous anticipation as my daughter waited to receive college acceptance letters, and celebrated both my daughter’s 18th birthday and 23 years with my wife. However the most joyous and nerve racking experience of this time was closing on a new apartment.

Much to the annoyance of family and friends I have been referring to our new home as stately Wayne Manor!

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Batfleck looks good!

I am so happy right now! And I say that with my knee totally jacked up and elevated! This might be the cinematic Batman that fans have been hoping to see. The action and fight scenes seems off the charts. It looks like they have finally understood that the Batman needs to be the epitome of frightening, a true Dark Knight. Affleck may force me to eat my words, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Ben might prove me wrong

Those that follow my blog should already know that I am a huge Batman fan and that I wasn’t happy at all with the choice of Ben Affleck to play him in the upcoming “Batman vs Superman” film. However the above preview makes me think that I might have been totally wrong at least as it pertains to Affleck. All I can say now is that I am totally gassed to see this movie.

And notice that I am now referring to him as Ben, and not Affleck or El Headmo. Still he has a really big head. Massive.