Batfleck looks good!

I am so happy right now! And I say that with my knee totally jacked up and elevated! This might be the cinematic Batman that fans have been hoping to see. The action and fight scenes seems off the charts. It looks like they have finally understood that the Batman needs to be the epitome of frightening, a true Dark Knight. Affleck may force me to eat my words, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Ben might prove me wrong

Those that follow my blog should already know that I am a huge Batman fan and that I wasn’t happy at all with the choice of Ben Affleck to play him in the upcoming “Batman vs Superman” film. However the above preview makes me think that I might have been totally wrong at least as it pertains to Affleck. All I can say now is that I am totally gassed to see this movie.

And notice that I am now referring to him as Ben, and not Affleck or El Headmo. Still he has a really big head. Massive.


Interviewed on WPIX!

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was recently interviewed at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere by Mario Diaz of WPIX channel 11. The story that didn’t make the final segment edit is that this wasn’t the first time I had played hooky to see a Star Wars film. You see near the end of my senior year of high school my best friend Jeff and I hatched a plan to be the first people to see Return of the Jedi without having to brave the insane lines that were forming in Manhattan prior to the opening day. During that time the world had gone Star Wars crazy. People had been lining up nearly a week in advance of the premiere of Jedi to guarantee that they would be among the first to see the final episode of the original trilogy. However while Jeff and I were both hardcore Star Wars fans, we knew that neither one of our moms would let us miss that much school for a movie.

So Jeff and I came up with the brilliant plan to ditch only one day of school and Continue reading “Interviewed on WPIX!”


Episode 7: Time to play hooky


The pictures above are of me standing on line for the 8am early morning showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There has not been a more eagerly awaited and anticipated film in years, and keep in mind that includes all of the recent Marvel/DC/Superhero films that have dominated the box office as of late. Nerds and geeks love Star Wars probably as much, if not more so than they love Star Trek and Doctor Who.

I was going to wait until next week so see the new Star Wars film because I expected it to be a mad house, but while I was heading into the office I walked past the theater. There was no line outside for the earlier showing. I then decided I couldn’t wait and took a chance that tickets were available. Luckily there were spots still unsold and I was able to purchase a ticket. So I texted a colleague and rescheduled my 10am meeting until later in the day and went in to enjoy the show.

While waiting on the line I was approached by Mario Diaz of WPIX Channel 11 news. Mario Diaz is best known his reporting on the NYPD “Stop and Friskā€ policy, as well as being the reporter that Continue reading “Episode 7: Time to play hooky”