Christmas 2014


We got up early on Christmas morning to open gifts and celebrate another year together as a family. This year was overall very good for the Richardson clan. We are all pretty much happy and healthy. We traveled to many interesting places and learned a great deal about ourselves. I am grateful for the wonderful family that I have been given.


Down to the wire


My project for this evening….. complete several loads of laundry and clean the house before the wife returns tomorrow after spending two weeks overseas visiting family and friends. It should be a piece of cake. Now if I can just remember where I left the kids.


Don’t worry, baby girl. I got this!


I saw my girl off to the airport today as she heads to Norway for a few weeks to catch up with family and friends. We are gonna miss her. The upside, the kids and I are planning a series of wild parties. She said that she would be checking in to see if I can handle two weeks alone with the kids. Oh I can handle it. The DJ booth and the full bar should be installed by tomorrow afternoon, just in time for the weekend! Let the debauchery begin! I just have to make sure that the kids don’t starve–or worse: have a steady diet of pizza and McD’s burgers & fries! But that might be so bad. I heard that the tomatoes in Pizza counts as vegetables. The same goes for the lettuce on top of a Big Mac.

I am wondering if I can get something like this completely done to the house before she returns.…/girl-drops-30k-converting-house…/


2013 NYC Marathon: Take that Sandy!


I am so proud of my wife for finishing her 11th marathon! So far she has completed marathons in NYC, Boston and Berlin. She had been eager to run NYC again because last year it had to be cancelled because of all of the damage incurred during Hurricane Sandy. It is odd to think back to exactly a year ago when instead of cheering her on, we were sitting in a dark apartment huddling around a transistor radio with friend that flew in from Norway to see her run. It was a miserable few days until the power came back on. Also, I had a fair amount of agita because this was the first major marathon in NYC since the Boston bombing earlier this year. My wife only decided to skip that race only because of a nagging training injury. We were lucky.

Fortunately the NYC race was uneventful this year and my wife made it to the NYC finish in slightly over 3 hours and 33 minutes. At first the kids and I were worried that we had missed her in the crowd and then, Continue reading “2013 NYC Marathon: Take that Sandy!”


No Sleep ’til Brooklyn part deux

This was my first bike ride since returning home from Oslo. I have been getting over a cold for the past week or so. I think my body has been rebelling against the NYC air quality and humidity. I had trouble getting to sleep because my legendary insomnia was in full effect as a result of the new job. Since I was wide awake I decided to go for a little late night ride. I was still missing Oslo but I felt pretty good all things considered.

I had forgotten how much I love NYC at night. I stopped biking in the city more than a year ago after being Continue reading “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn part deux”


Really dumb stuff I did over my summer vacation

Bicycling in Norway is very different from the riding that I familiar with in NYC. The bike routes in Oslo are particularly spectacular. You can go from the suburbs to the city and then to the country within the space of an hour. The trails are rarely flat because much of the Norwegian terrain is made up of hills. So you generally find yourself struggling up steep hills or flying down sharp mountain trails. With that said, I decided to go for a fairly challenging and long bike ride this afternoon.

I had recently purchased a ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder to record my travels and document my bike rides throughout Scandinavia. For my first long ride I thought it would be best to select a Continue reading “Really dumb stuff I did over my summer vacation”


The Land of Fire and Ice

I was very sad when our last day in Oslo came around. We had a great time in Norway and I was not looking forward to going back to NYC, or more specifically, going back to work. The only upside to leaving Norway was that the wife had planned a little side trip for the family a few months back. She had always wanted to visit Iceland and thus set up a stop off for us in Reykjavik before heading home. I had never been spent anytime in Iceland beyond having a short layover in the Reykjavik airport so I was anxious to finally experience another Nordic country.

We we first arrived I have to admit that I wasn’t really impressed with Iceland. The trip in from the airport had us traveling past a rocky and barren landscape that went on for miles. It reminded me of the pictures that we got back from the Mars rover. As we got closer to the city the terrain began to soften somewhat. What shocked me was that it was still August and the locals were already wearing down coats. We stayed at what I was told was the tallest building in Iceland, the Grand Hotel. The fact that the hotel was only about 15 stories tall gave me a genuine chuckle. We then checked into our hotel and went for an early dinner.

The restaurant that we ate at, Veitingahusio Italia, had some of the best Italian food I had eaten in years believe it or not. Luckily had the early meal because by 11pm everything was pretty much closed down. And this was on a Friday night. I cannot imagine how it must be in the winter.

Day two in Iceland was much better, but it was still pretty cold. The wife took us to the Blue Lagoon outdoor hot springs to combat the chill in the air. I am not kidding when I say that is was the hot springs were the most relaxing experience that I can remember. I went in thinking I would stay for about 30 mins to get my money’s worth and I ended up staying in the warm mineral water for close to six hours. I looked like one of the California raisin

Continue reading “The Land of Fire and Ice”


Weekend in Sweden

Last weekend I went with the family to Sweden for a retreat with some of our scandinavian peeps. This was the first of a soon to be annual event held at the Björneröds Ridcenter. The wife and kids have been going to horseback riding camp at Björneröds for a few years now and this was a good time for us to socialize with good friends.

And to top it off, my crazy wife was covered in a local Swedish newspaper for participating in an annual swimming race across the Fjords. The water she swam in was freezing too. We were having a mini triathlon with some friends that weekend and with the exception of one other person, my wife was the only one of us to opt in for the swimming part of the competition. I on the other hand stuck to the biking portion of the competition because black people don’t like participating in freezing ass water sports.



If I can’t be famous, I’ll be infamous!

The martial artist in me is conflicted by the recent turn of events in Colorado, and the anniversary the mass murder in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian gunman had more than an hour to hunt down and attack his victims. More than an hour, which means that he had to stop and reload at multiple points. As a person that trains in self defense based arts, I can’t help but think about what I would do if faced by such a threat. Would my training make a difference? Would I freeze or rise to the challenge? Are the arts that I am studying really effective in real combat situation? In truth, I don’t have any answers. I would hope that be able to protect myself and my loved ones. Or at the very least make the son of a bitch regret picking me or mine as a target.

My father was gunned down when I was fourteen as he was closing down his candy shop for the evening. The murderer was never found. Even as a young man I often Continue reading “If I can’t be famous, I’ll be infamous!”