First Workout of 2015

I completed a fairly intense workout to start the year off. I did 7.5 miles on the elliptical and followed it up with 30 minutes of bag work, rope jumping, and stretching/yoga. My only resolutions for the New Year are to just keep moving and to remove as much negativity from my life as possible.


New York Cine Radio: East Bound and Down and UFC talk


I was fortunate enough to start the year off right with the team over at New York Cine Radio. The gang and I sat down and talked about Danny McBride’s East Bound and Down which Tom binged watched over the weekend. Ken and I sparred a bit over our impressions of James Franco’s and Seth Rogen’s controversial movie, “The Interview”. And finally our conversation took a weird turn as we veered into talking about Joe Rogan and Continue reading “New York Cine Radio: East Bound and Down and UFC talk”


No more excuses


The other day I was talking to my old martial arts instructor, Kyoshi Giles, and musing over the fact that only fellow martial artists seem to understand how getting together with close friends to punch, kick, and stab one another over and over can be a beautiful thing. The camaraderie that can be developed by working out with other like minded individuals is not only fun, but also uplifting. I bring all this up because I had just returned from an early morning knife fighting class at the Krav Maga Federation and was feeling pretty good about getting back into the swing of training on a regular basis.

Over the past year or so I had made a number Continue reading “No more excuses”


If I can’t be famous, I’ll be infamous!

The martial artist in me is conflicted by the recent turn of events in Colorado, and the anniversary the mass murder in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian gunman had more than an hour to hunt down and attack his victims. More than an hour, which means that he had to stop and reload at multiple points. As a person that trains in self defense based arts, I can’t help but think about what I would do if faced by such a threat. Would my training make a difference? Would I freeze or rise to the challenge? Are the arts that I am studying really effective in real combat situation? In truth, I don’t have any answers. I would hope that be able to protect myself and my loved ones. Or at the very least make the son of a bitch regret picking me or mine as a target.

My father was gunned down when I was fourteen as he was closing down his candy shop for the evening. The murderer was never found. Even as a young man I often Continue reading “If I can’t be famous, I’ll be infamous!”


The Slow Road Back: Solo Training

The kid is trying to get back into shape after a long and rough year on a number of fronts. It has been about eight months since I was working out on a consistent basis. Still, in that time I have been able to adequately maintain my weight and general health by eating right. However there is no substitute for regular exercise. Plus the wife and kids have been telling me that I am a great deal more pleasant to be around when I workout. Who could have guessed Continue reading “The Slow Road Back: Solo Training”


Fame can sometimes be a kick in the a$$!

Sometimes Fame can be a kick in the ass!As this year comes to a close it is ironic how people, places, and things from my past are starting to resurface as if almost by design. My recent re-dedication to the martial arts has almost seemingly summoned alot of my boys out of the woodwork. One of my old training partners, and dojo brothers, Fame has moved back to NYC after living abroad in Europe for the past decade.

I knew that Fame had been Continue reading “Fame can sometimes be a kick in the a$$!”


Working out ain’t no joke!

Me after a workoutGetting back into the swing of working out regularly has been more of a challenge than I thought. However the upside of this change has been that I have started get back to my old playing weight. I got about another 10 lbs until I am able to fit back into my high school jersey. Now I just gotta get my knees in playing form so I can get my hops back. I really wanna get to the point where I can dunk easily again. Continue reading “Working out ain’t no joke!”